The Dunn Road Project

The Dunn Road Project

Sloanebuilt Trailers are proud of the investment in the local area and the industry they have made. Part of this commitment is the upcoming opening of a new multi-million production facility. Thousands of hours have gone into designing, planning, and producing Sloanebuilt's biggest adventure yet.

Dunn Road Statistics

 What is the Dunn Road Project?

With the ever growing demand for new trailer production, fast reliable repairs, and spare parts, Sloanebuilt Trailer's has begun the project of constructing a brand new state-of-the-art production facility.

The build is of a large magnitude consisting of more than 10,000 cubic metres of concrete, more than 10,000 tonnes of steel, and a total factory size of 35,000 square metres. The project will inject around $30 million dollars into the transport industry.

It has been over three years in the making, but the new location is set to be open in 2020.

 Keeping it Australian Made

The Sloanebuilt team are passionate about Australian made and supporting local businesses, so the decision to expand in a new location meant that this support will have the opportunity to continue, and to grow. Continuing to make Australian made with local parts ensures that every Sloanebuilt trailer is made to suit Australian conditions and demands.

The expansion not only helps to continue to produce Australian made goods, but also in turn helps to keep the industry progressing with new innovations and designs.

One of these is the ability for the new location support longer combinations including A and B Doubles, due to the increased size of the drive-through bays.

Want to stay updated with the latest on how the new Dunn Road facility is progressing?

We cannot wait to show our customers around our new home once a new date for our Grand Opening has been confirmed. Browse through our website or visit us on Facebook or Instagram for event updates, career opportunities and latest news.